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Apr. 6th, 2007



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So the first week of the new patient is almost up and there hasn't been a peep out of anyone. Have you all jumped quietly off the back of the ship in the middle of the night?

Apr. 2nd, 2007



Time to begin a new week and have a new patient! Pretend the other one has been completed. You may continue writing threads from the previous week as long as they are already posted. If you would like to start something new, however, we ask you to play within the current week. If you're unclear how this works, read up here. Feel free to make suggestions and volunteer for various plot points. We’ve added suggested plot points this time around just to give you ideas. You don’t have to do them if you don’t want. Remember, you do not need to focus on the case storyline. This is just to keep everyone on the same page for the next two weeks. Any questions, just ask!

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Comment, discuss, plot!
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Mar. 17th, 2007


What ho, plainsboro!

It's mod time again with a few notes:

· Please make your posts in plainsboro public. It is your choice whether to friends lock your posts anywhere else, but after a few requests by non-members about following the game, I figure this is the best way to make it available to them. This way everyone can enjoy it.

· Don't be afraid to post thread openers for anyone to jump in on, journal entries, or any other active gaming attempts. Try an IC IM conversation if you like. Feel free to venture into your own subplots. You don't have to stay focused on the patient. The POTW is just there to keep everyone on the same page as far as the medicine is concerned. Your own plotlines are more than welcome. Remember the weekly theme as well. Use it. Abuse it. Have fun people.

Now back to your regularly scheduled roleplaying.

Mar. 12th, 2007


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I thought I did this earlier. Apparently I fail at life.

ANYWAY, hi. The name's Morgan. Friends call me...Morgan. I'm not cool enough for a nickname. I'm a freshman at Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania where I'm double majoring in vocal and instrumental performance with a minor in forensics. Random. I know. But I figure I'd best have a solid backup plan unless I plan on making my life into Rent without the AIDs. I am also a musical theater nerd, if you haven't already guessed.

And that's the summary of my life as it is of now. You're welcome to friend me (frelianprincess) or hit me up on AIM (karenwalkergengo).

OH YEAH. And if it wasn't obvious, I'll be playing the fabulous Lisa Cuddy: hospital adminisator and endocrinologist. Go here if you want to work out plot or anything.

I think I covered anything. Catch ya'll on the flipside. Or something like that.


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Since we have House now, we can begin. Start by reading through the POTW profile and discussing the plotlines in this post. If you're unclear how this works, read up here. Feel free to make suggestions and volunteer for various plot points. Remember, you do not need to focus on the case storyline. This is just to keep everyone on the same page for the next two weeks. Any questions, just ask!

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Comment, discuss, plot!

ALSO: Here's the IC buddylist for your downloading convenience!


You thought I ditched, didn't you.

Really, that whole Internet thing was just my way of stalling to make a grand entrance and make your lives more difficult. No, okay. Actually I was supremely annoyed because I have been looking forward to this game for God knows how long, especially after getting a teaser glimpse at all of the promising applications. But luckily bitching out cable people does accomplish something other than giving me peace of mind, who'd of thought. Anyway, I'm Shell and I'll be writing for House. Obviously. Yes, this does mean I have loads of free time, and I'm quite obsessed with the show (credit goes to Mod #1) so yes, that means I will be lurking in the shadows around here most of the time. I'm always up character development/discussion/any questions you want to work out, God bless the continuity of this show, so feel free to drop me a comment in my journal or even boldly type me in a message via AIM. (agent sheldon is where I thrive.)

And, er, that's it, I guess. Look forward to playing with all of you!


Is there a doctor in the house?

· Make sure you have added stacy_esq and immunosuppress.

· Make sure you've requested membership to plainsboro!

· Nevermind! POTW will be posted ASAP, along with a AIM buddylist for your downloading convenience.

· Remember, any questions, comments, concerns can always be directed here and they will be answered ASAP.



Hi, I'm Starr and I'm a 21 year old Psychology/Spanish major with an Art History minor also known as "trying to delay her inevitable graduation in May 2007." I go to Mercer University in Georgia and like I said, I'm a senior about to graduate. Le sigh. That being said, my hours and RP availability are sporadic at times. The best thing to do is poke me on AIM (slance5)--I rarely sign out and if I'm away, I'll catch it when I get to it.

I have the attention span of a gnat so, like I said, if I'm needed or I've dropped the ball on something, just IM me and I'll get to it. I also like to randomly space out and play Legend of Zelda (I'm the world's worst gamer seeing as how I only like Zelda games) at odd hours of the day and night but I usually have my computer nearby seeing as how I like the get EVERYTHING and sometimes you need a handy dandy online guide for that :)
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Musical theatre is apparently the new heroin...

...because I'm a complete MT geek, too. :)

I'm really not good at intros, but I'll give it a shot.

My name is Rosy, and I am a Columbia sophomore Biology/Pre-Medicine student (formerly a double major, the other one being piano performance...but I'm dropping that at the end of this semester). I currently reside in New York City (obviously) in a really crappy dorm with an even crappier roommate who likes to go to bed at eleven. And my wireless is out, so 3/4 of my posts will be either from school computers or Panera (free WiFi!)

I'm a rabid pianist and novelist...and sometimes get ranty about both of those.

House, 24, and Harry Potter are pretty much tied as my main fandoms. I've been watching House since the glorious beginning and have seen the first two seasons twice (yay for Blockbuster!) But I'm also thoroughly obsessed with classical composers (primarily Liszt and Chopin) and Oscar Wilde (particularly The Picture of Dorian Gray).

I can be reached by e-mail at cherryflavouredbubblegum@gmail.com and on MSN messenger with cherryflavouredbubblegum@hotmail.com. I'll be getting AIM sometime today or tomorrow, so hold on a bit for that...I promise it'll show up. ♥


Hello hello.

Since our Wilson, Ran, took the first kick, I'll take the second! I am Sey. Sey is short for both Chelsey (my actual name) and Seymour (a nickname). I'm not picky about which you use at all or even if you give me a different name, that's just as a cool. I'll generally answer to just about anything. I am sixteen and am still suffering through my Junior year of highschool. I'm a music geek (hoping to strive for some musical theatre!) and a video game nerd. Majority of my time is spent writing and reading. I've currently gotten right back in on my Sherlock Holmes kick, actually, so don't mind a few references on my OOC side!

I actually just recently became a House addict. I believe I really started watching House around July, if not closer to the end of Season 2. I've caught myself up with the DVDs, thankfully. I'm generally around after 4 PM on weekdays and majority of the day on weekends. I'm in the lovely EST time zone, but I'm a terrible nightowl, so no worries. You can catch me at my personal AIM: onlyawitness or at my IC screen name: intensivist md. I was unable to recover the password to my original Chase name, I'm afraid. I'm always up for any sort of play or conversation, so feel free to message me.

Well, I think that's about all for me, too, actually. Happy Playing! <3


(no subject)

I thought I'd kick this off. I wrote one of these the other night so I'd have it handy for when we opened but somehow I managed to lose it in the shuffle. So, attempt #2. I'm Ran, 21, one half of the mod squad, and I play your friendly neighborhood Wilson. I spend a lot of time reading, drawing, and of course, writing. I discovered the greatness of House MD sometime last year and it's been my main fandom ever since. I'm definitely looking forward to writing here with all of you.

Let's see. I work part-time so my schedule is all over the place, but as long as I'm not stuck at work, I'm always up for a thread, scene, or IC AIM conversation. Or even plotting for that matter. I live in the EST, and am a bit of night owl. Just poke me if you ever want Wilson. My OOC sn is Victor Van Dort on AIM.

Hm. That's about all I can think of except to make a little note about our House writer. Her internet apparently went out last night, and it's unsure when it will be back on. This is crazy timing for that to happen, but hopefully it'll come back soon. In the meantime we might have to hold off on the POTW a little, and work around House.

Anyway, thank you all for applying and giving this game a chance. I'm looking forward to writing with you!