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Musical theatre is apparently the new heroin...

...because I'm a complete MT geek, too. :)

I'm really not good at intros, but I'll give it a shot.

My name is Rosy, and I am a Columbia sophomore Biology/Pre-Medicine student (formerly a double major, the other one being piano performance...but I'm dropping that at the end of this semester). I currently reside in New York City (obviously) in a really crappy dorm with an even crappier roommate who likes to go to bed at eleven. And my wireless is out, so 3/4 of my posts will be either from school computers or Panera (free WiFi!)

I'm a rabid pianist and novelist...and sometimes get ranty about both of those.

House, 24, and Harry Potter are pretty much tied as my main fandoms. I've been watching House since the glorious beginning and have seen the first two seasons twice (yay for Blockbuster!) But I'm also thoroughly obsessed with classical composers (primarily Liszt and Chopin) and Oscar Wilde (particularly The Picture of Dorian Gray).

I can be reached by e-mail at cherryflavouredbubblegum@gmail.com and on MSN messenger with cherryflavouredbubblegum@hotmail.com. I'll be getting AIM sometime today or tomorrow, so hold on a bit for that...I promise it'll show up. ♥
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