Dr. Eric Foreman (brain_doctor) wrote in plainsboro_ooc,
Dr. Eric Foreman


Hi, I'm Starr and I'm a 21 year old Psychology/Spanish major with an Art History minor also known as "trying to delay her inevitable graduation in May 2007." I go to Mercer University in Georgia and like I said, I'm a senior about to graduate. Le sigh. That being said, my hours and RP availability are sporadic at times. The best thing to do is poke me on AIM (slance5)--I rarely sign out and if I'm away, I'll catch it when I get to it.

I have the attention span of a gnat so, like I said, if I'm needed or I've dropped the ball on something, just IM me and I'll get to it. I also like to randomly space out and play Legend of Zelda (I'm the world's worst gamer seeing as how I only like Zelda games) at odd hours of the day and night but I usually have my computer nearby seeing as how I like the get EVERYTHING and sometimes you need a handy dandy online guide for that :)
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