Dr. Gregory House (houlmes) wrote in plainsboro_ooc,
Dr. Gregory House

You thought I ditched, didn't you.

Really, that whole Internet thing was just my way of stalling to make a grand entrance and make your lives more difficult. No, okay. Actually I was supremely annoyed because I have been looking forward to this game for God knows how long, especially after getting a teaser glimpse at all of the promising applications. But luckily bitching out cable people does accomplish something other than giving me peace of mind, who'd of thought. Anyway, I'm Shell and I'll be writing for House. Obviously. Yes, this does mean I have loads of free time, and I'm quite obsessed with the show (credit goes to Mod #1) so yes, that means I will be lurking in the shadows around here most of the time. I'm always up character development/discussion/any questions you want to work out, God bless the continuity of this show, so feel free to drop me a comment in my journal or even boldly type me in a message via AIM. (agent sheldon is where I thrive.)

And, er, that's it, I guess. Look forward to playing with all of you!
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