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I thought I did this earlier. Apparently I fail at life.

ANYWAY, hi. The name's Morgan. Friends call me...Morgan. I'm not cool enough for a nickname. I'm a freshman at Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania where I'm double majoring in vocal and instrumental performance with a minor in forensics. Random. I know. But I figure I'd best have a solid backup plan unless I plan on making my life into Rent without the AIDs. I am also a musical theater nerd, if you haven't already guessed.

And that's the summary of my life as it is of now. You're welcome to friend me (frelianprincess) or hit me up on AIM (karenwalkergengo).

OH YEAH. And if it wasn't obvious, I'll be playing the fabulous Lisa Cuddy: hospital adminisator and endocrinologist. Go here if you want to work out plot or anything.

I think I covered anything. Catch ya'll on the flipside. Or something like that.
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I had something to say, I swear. But now I'm just staring at your bouncy mood and trying really hard not to make an inappropriate cleavage joke ...

Er, yes! Welcome! Cuddy is one of my favourites so I'm very pleased you stumbled upon us.
I am strangely energetic tonight. Er...this morning. Huh. And inappropriate jokes of any kind make the world go round.

Thanks! I love her too. ...obviously.
Hello, hello:)

You'll have a nickname by the end of the week, I promise. People don't last around me without them.

Also, more musical theater nerds for the win:)
Oh gees. To think I thought I'd be able to make it through life without one! Silly me. XD

Musical theater nerds rock. We're also very cocky.
I think it's directly related to the fact that if you pulled from the right groups of people I know you could put three of my friends in a room and they could all be talking about me but no one would know they were all talking about the same person as a result of multiple nicknames. (Legally, I'm Amelia, I picked up Sera sometime in high school and use it at school, and locally and online I've become Kel.)

Also? We so totally are.
Hi Morgan!!! Don't worry, I'm sure we'll think of a nickname for you. :) I'll put my mind to it and have something within hours. Mruahaha.
Oh dear. Evil laughter. I'm going to end up with something like Snugglebunnykins or something. SBK for short.
I do tend to give animal be warned! (I call my father "fish," my sister "poodle," my roommate "platypus" mom, though, ended up with the unfortunate "pellet.") :)