The PPTH Adminstration (hospitaladmin) wrote in plainsboro_ooc,
The PPTH Adminstration

What ho, plainsboro!

It's mod time again with a few notes:

· Please make your posts in plainsboro public. It is your choice whether to friends lock your posts anywhere else, but after a few requests by non-members about following the game, I figure this is the best way to make it available to them. This way everyone can enjoy it.

· Don't be afraid to post thread openers for anyone to jump in on, journal entries, or any other active gaming attempts. Try an IC IM conversation if you like. Feel free to venture into your own subplots. You don't have to stay focused on the patient. The POTW is just there to keep everyone on the same page as far as the medicine is concerned. Your own plotlines are more than welcome. Remember the weekly theme as well. Use it. Abuse it. Have fun people.

Now back to your regularly scheduled roleplaying.
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