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Time to begin a new week and have a new patient! Pretend the other one has been completed. You may continue writing threads from the previous week as long as they are already posted. If you would like to start something new, however, we ask you to play within the current week. If you're unclear how this works, read up here. Feel free to make suggestions and volunteer for various plot points. We’ve added suggested plot points this time around just to give you ideas. You don’t have to do them if you don’t want. Remember, you do not need to focus on the case storyline. This is just to keep everyone on the same page for the next two weeks. Any questions, just ask!

Name: Abigail Smith
Age: 36
Family: Husband (Steven Smith, 38), no children
Etc: Smokes, drinks (not in excess), works as a magazine editor, husband works for a pharmaceutical lab.


36 year old magazine editor Abigail Smith is admitted after an incident at work. She had been sweating profusely for the first couple hours of the day, but intended to persevere and make it through the day. This was derailed when she was walking down the stairs to lunch, felt dizzy, vomited, and passed out. Upon her admittance to the hospital, her doctors are unable to figure out what illness is causing these symptoms. Tests for various viruses do not yield any results. The case is then forced upon House, even though it appears almost child’s play. The patient is even getting better after a night in the hospital. Tests are re-run, medications tested for their effects, but there is still no definitive answer for her illness. She is sent home. Less than 24 hours later, she returns with the same symptoms in increased severity. It is then thought that this might be environmental. Everything she has come in contact with is checked, but there are no obvious answers. Then the team gets a new clue. She starts exhibiting signs of liver failure. It seems to be she is suffering from a case of paracetamol poisoning, a common ingredient in medicines such as Tylenol which can be lethal in excess (think swallowing a whole bottle of pills). There is no immediate explanation for it. The easy explanation is she has overdosed, but her stomach shows no signs of it and she denies taking any medications. When grilled about being depressed and possibly wanting to kill herself, she strongly replies that she’s very happy. Even her marriage is going incredibly well. Lately her husband has been doting on her with gifts of flowers, chocolates, perfume, and clothing quite regularly as a response to the personal tragedy of finding out they can’t conceive. The light bulb goes on. It turns out that her husband has been slowly poisoning her with paracetamol in these items. Frequent exposure to the combined quantity was causing her overdose symptoms. Upon confrontation it’s revealed that he’s having an affair. After finding out his wife couldn’t bear children, he wanted to get rid of her.




• Cameron and Chase’s affair coming to light.
• The truth about Stacy’s marriage.
• Wilson’s antidepressants being kept secret.
• The secret Stacy and Wilson dinner.
• Insert your own ideas here.

Comment, discuss, plot!
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