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Since we have House now, we can begin. Start by reading through the POTW profile and discussing the plotlines in this post. If you're unclear how this works, read up here. Feel free to make suggestions and volunteer for various plot points. Remember, you do not need to focus on the case storyline. This is just to keep everyone on the same page for the next two weeks. Any questions, just ask!

Name: Howard Miller
Age: 43
Family: Wife (Cathy, 40), Daughter (Caitlin, 15), Daughter (Stephanie, 9).
Etc: Non-smoker, no history of alcohol abuse, works as an accountant.


43 year old father of two, driving eldest daughter to a school basketball game when he suddenly swerved into oncoming traffic. The father sustained severe injuries; a broken leg, a broken arm, a head injury and multiple cuts and bruises. Although bad, the injuries were not life threatening. The daughter escaped with only minor injuries to her forehead and wrist. Upon waking up in the hospital, the father presents with several inexplicable symptoms that the daughter had never seen him experience before. A sudden onslaught of Tourette’s syndrome brings the case to House’s team to investigate. The daughter insists that it is an effect of the crash while House believes it contributed to the crash. A seizure while in the care of PPTH gives strong evidence to the patient having had a mild seizure in the car ride, causing him to lose control. The condition is believed to be neurological, but the scans come up clean. No tumors or any problems apparent to the naked eye. Disease and drugs now on the menu as the man’s condition continues to deteriorate. He is sedated for the time, hoping to control the seizures. Much to the team’s surprise, late at night the man wanders out of his room in midst of a paranoid delusion. It is discovered in conversation with his wife as she worries that although he had shown no signs of seizures, Tourette’s, or illness prior to the accident, he had becoming increasingly easy to startle after a shooting at his office building two months prior. The pieces click and House diagnoses the man with Jumping Frenchmen of Maine syndrome; a psychoneurlogical post traumatic stress disorder. He tests his theory by giving the man a very sudden and odd order which the man immediately complies to. The seizures are medicated but the treatment for the psychological aspect of this case is now out of the team’s hands.


Stress. Think about what that means for your character.

Comment, discuss, plot!

ALSO: Here's the IC buddylist for your downloading convenience!
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