aussie_blues (aussie_blues) wrote in plainsboro_ooc,

Hello hello.

Since our Wilson, Ran, took the first kick, I'll take the second! I am Sey. Sey is short for both Chelsey (my actual name) and Seymour (a nickname). I'm not picky about which you use at all or even if you give me a different name, that's just as a cool. I'll generally answer to just about anything. I am sixteen and am still suffering through my Junior year of highschool. I'm a music geek (hoping to strive for some musical theatre!) and a video game nerd. Majority of my time is spent writing and reading. I've currently gotten right back in on my Sherlock Holmes kick, actually, so don't mind a few references on my OOC side!

I actually just recently became a House addict. I believe I really started watching House around July, if not closer to the end of Season 2. I've caught myself up with the DVDs, thankfully. I'm generally around after 4 PM on weekdays and majority of the day on weekends. I'm in the lovely EST time zone, but I'm a terrible nightowl, so no worries. You can catch me at my personal AIM: onlyawitness or at my IC screen name: intensivist md. I was unable to recover the password to my original Chase name, I'm afraid. I'm always up for any sort of play or conversation, so feel free to message me.

Well, I think that's about all for me, too, actually. Happy Playing! <3
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